Beware The 4 Mistakes Executive Recruiters Make That Can Set You Up To Fail

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C-level candidates depend on executive recruiters (ERs) when considering a new job. The ER serves as a representative of the hiring company and in this capacity, the ER should be able to understand and articulate the company culture, expectations of the role, what success looks like, the attributes of the ideal candidate, and why he/she believes you are a good …

Innovation in Transportation: Are we ready to go the distance?

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There are very few things that impact us the way transportation does. From our ability to get from place to place easily to allowing companies to transport the goods we need to survive and thrive, every aspect of our lives hinges on transportation accessibility. The essential nature of this industry has smart businesses paying attention and focusing on the opportunity …

What makes a great CEO? Or NOT!

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As a leader and an executive, it’s natural to have self-doubt. If you’re not constantly evaluating your own potential and skills, you’re limiting your opportunity for success (and you may be a narcissist). Therefore, thinking introspectively about things like “what makes a great CEO?” is important. On the heels of evaluating such a critical question, I suggest you examine this …

SheLeads Panel: Jackie DeSouza, Dr. Kimberly Beatty, Karen Fenaroli, Angela Hurt,

Pursuing the Promise of International Women’s Day

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Empirical evidence proves the value of unleashing the talent represented in half of the population – WOMEN. Imperatives for this generation of leaders and the next: Be bold. Be progressive. Lean In. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to help run the #SheLeads panel discussion held at WeWork Corrigan Station in Kansas City as part of its International …

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Are you a CEO yet? Fearless, visionary and giving

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“For it is in giving that we receive.” — Francis of Assisi I’m so thankful to have had an opportunity to share more about my mission and vision as not only the founder and CEO of Fenaroli & Associates, but as a corporate citizen of Kansas City. This is an amazing town and one I’m proud to give back to …

Leadership and the Cookie - Karen Fenaroli

Leadership and the Cookie

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A passport, a key card and a cookie — all three are unlikely characters in a story about leadership. But with the right actions, attitude and drive, disruptive leaders can take these unlikely assets and use them to craft a narrative of likely success. Before we get started, it’s important to note that the other essential element of our story …

The Most Important Decision Made: Saying “Yes”

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“Truly successful decision-making relies on a balance between deliberate and instinctive thinking.” — Malcolm Gladwell My own decision made: This week marks an important milestone for our firm. We are proud to have opened our newest and fifth office; that’s right, we’re expanding our presence in the Midwest and excited to be an integral part of Kansas City! In the …

State Street Makes the Push for Women on Boards

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As the discussion about the importance of diversity in the boardroom rages on, State Street is openly taking measures to enact change at firms in which it owns shares. The index-fund giant has announced that it will mandate firms begin to add female directors to their boards, or require the firms to prove that a lack of diversity has no …

From Start-Up to C-Suite: 3 Critical Components of Entrepreneurial Thinking

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Last fall, Uber asked me to vet 25 start-up pitches from local entrepreneurs (all women) competing with others in select cities for a chance at $150,000 in tech funding in its “Fueling the Growth” initiative called UberPITCH. I spent the better part of an afternoon in an Uber car listening to these bright CEOs give back-to-back pitches for 5 minutes …