Making a Leader

We believe that coaching, teaching and networking are significant difference-makers for individuals, for communities and for the global greater good. In our hometown headquarters of Kansas City, we are constantly looking for ways to use these difference-makers to give back to others across the metro. We do so by volunteering our time, talent and resources to three significant initiatives.

  • The Executive Ascent

    We understand that accessing strategic support, unique networking opportunities and training from those who have already ascended to the head of the C-Suite is critical for those journeying to the top. The Executive Ascent brings our city’s own accomplished CEOs together to present on curated topics that are essential to elevating success for those high-profile executives poised and ready for the climb. We’re currently accepting nominations for the Spring 2020 and Fall 2020 cohort. Visit The Executive Ascent for program details, or email Christine Murray directly.

  • Pure Pitch Rally

    We are the proud creator and primary sponsor of the city’s annual Pure Pitch Rally, which will celebrate its fourth anniversary on October 15, 2019. This event provides tech entrepreneurs and start-up ventures with immediate access to cash funding and prizes from key investors throughout the community and beyond. It also serves to jumpstart relationships between young CEOs and more tenured ones for ongoing mentoring. Annually, this event’s cash and services purse is valued at more than $1 million. For more information, email Christine Murray.

  • Vibe

    At a minimum of quarterly, we host or co-host events that address trending women’s leadership topics and community issues. This series is called the Vibe, and it serves as a forum where Kansas City’s most powerful corporate and civic women leaders come together to evolve KC. If you’re interested in getting added to the invitation list, email Karen Fenaroli.

  • Fenaroli: Making a Leader

    Research continues to show that diversity in the boardroom is imperative for continued success. Therefore, we are pleased to offer an exclusive coaching program free of charge to select diverse talents. Diverse job seekers may apply by completing a simple application process, which includes identification of race, gender and background and answers to a confidential five-question survey. From the candidate pool each month, we select a small group of individuals to receive complimentary 1:1 coaching phone calls. We believe this is the most important “give” we can offer the community, sharing our expertise for enhanced diversity leadership and a better future for Kansas City. Click here to apply.

    Note: Coaching is not available on a pro-bono basis to aspiring executives unless a candidate has completed the application process in full and been hand selected to participate.