Shaping the New Face of Leadership

Talent is like electricity.

We don’t understand electricity.
We use it.

 Maya Angelou 

About Fenaroli & Associates

At the heart of a growing, thriving organization is talent. We can expect that leading companies will continue to invest in and leverage top talent to stand out in the marketplace and maintain their competitive edge. As a national talent consultancy, Fenaroli & Associates focuses on helping help high-growth businesses identify and evaluate critical executive and board member placements.

We believe that people are the single most important differentiator for the world, for economic progress, and for our clients and employee-owners. In support of this belief, our team consists of individuals committed to making a meaningful impact on the future of work, the future of diversity, and the cities where our employee-owners live and grow our business. We are talent consultants that purvey the future.

Our Distinct Company Culture

The Fenaroli & Associates culture is evidenced by how our employees act when no one else is looking. As such, we affirm behaviors and truths that are important to us.

We are servant leaders, and this is evident in how we select our clients, as well as how we serve and support them.

We believe that people are the future; therefore, we reward, measure, and align with people that are truthful and courageous.

We engage in real-time communication through valuable events, virtual working relationships and meaningful friendships.

The Fenaroli way means that we are brave enough to be curious, we are thoughtful enough to consensus-build and we speak truth to power mutual success. As the premier expert and aggregator of diverse top talent, our leadership is committed to shaping the new face of your leadership.

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