Fenaroli Minerva Fund

In addition to identifying proven talent for the C-suite and board level, Fenaroli & Associates is committed to seeking out up-and-coming entrepreneurs leading technology startups that are poised to disrupt various market verticals and make a significant impact in their respective spaces. To help these businesses not only compete but realize exponential success, Karen Fenaroli has founded the Fenaroli Minerva Investment Fund.

The Need

Through various endeavors that support the Kansas City startup community, including the coveted Pure Pitch Rally, Karen Fenaroli has become well aware of the need to connect rising stars with storied corporate talent and their resources. Not only through mentoring and networking but also through directly investing back in our community can CEOs, executives and VC firms position the next generation of tech startups for validation, scaling and growth.

The Name

Fenaroli Minerva Fund is Karen Fenaroli’s personal fund for making investments in select emerging technology companies. Named after Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom, war, art, schools and commerce, the fund makes both Angel and Series A investments. Over time, the goddess Minerva grew in stature within the Roman pantheon also became associated with victory; Karen is committed to using this fund to help the startups she funds do the same.

The News

Recently, the Fenaroli Minerva Fund invested in Bellwethr, a company that uses machine learning to help businesses automate time-intensive processes, optimizing for higher conversions and customer retention. The company graduated out of the Techstars KC program in 2018, has maintained strong momentum and leveraged this to close a $2.5 million seed round in June 2019. Read details about the funding news as covered by Startland News.

Media and other investors are encouraged to contact Karen Fenaroli directly with questions.

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