Executive Search

C-Suite Team Member
and or Member – Board of Directors

16 weeks with 8 Milestones and Project Tasks.


16 weeks – 8 Milestones
and Project Tasks

Month 1

Project Launch

  • Perform Needs Analysis

    Perform Needs Analysis with Board, Executive Team, Hiring Team. Craft the strategy known as THE PLAN
    This is Milestone #1

  • Search Documents

    Register Confidential Search Documents with your Fenaroli consultant

  • Timeline

    Create Timeline for project design, timeline and accountability measures.
    This is Milestone #2

  • Position Specification

    Develop position specifications (experience, personal attributes, DNA). Outline interview process – company execs involved.
    This is Milestone #3

Month 2 & 3

(and ongoing)

  • Calls

    Weekly or determined consistent phone calls throughout project. Client feedback.

  • Strategy

    Create candidate pool & marketing strategy for SEARCH NEED.
    Milestone #4

  • Identify, Interview & Vet

    The main accomplishment of an executive search is the Candidate Slate. Curate the slate and prepare objective advocacy.
    Milestone #5

  • Interview Process

    Client & Candidate Logistics for Interview Process. Do it All.
    Milestone #6

  • Risk Management

    Develop risk mgmt. documents: references & background checks.
    Milestone #7

  • Negotiate to close

    Negotiate to Close. Support both client and chosen candidate. With respect, information candidate pool. Close search process internally.
    This is Milestone #8

Month 4 or earlier

Project Conclusion

  • Debrief

    Debrief of Successful Placement, Learnings, Challenges & Strategy