Leadership and the Cookie - Karen Fenaroli

Leadership and the Cookie

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A passport, a key card and a cookie — all three are unlikely characters in a story about leadership. But with the right actions, attitude and drive, disruptive leaders can take these unlikely assets and use them to craft a narrative of likely success. Before we get started, it’s important to note that the other essential element of our story …

From Start-Up to C-Suite: 3 Critical Components of Entrepreneurial Thinking

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Last fall, Uber asked me to vet 25 start-up pitches from local entrepreneurs (all women) competing with others in select cities for a chance at $150,000 in tech funding in its “Fueling the Growth” initiative called UberPITCH. I spent the better part of an afternoon in an Uber car listening to these bright CEOs give back-to-back pitches for 5 minutes …