Executive Branding

Resume, Branding, and Social Media

8 Milestones and Project Tasks


8 Milestones and Project Tasks

Week 1

Project Launch

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    Perform Needs Analysis

    of the Executive in Transition (ET) called THE PLAN.
    This is Milestone #1

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    Professional Documents

    Register Professional Documents with your Fenaroli consultant

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    1-month Plan

    Create first 1-month plan for project design, timeline and accountability measures.
    This is Milestone #2

Weeks 2 & 3

(and ongoing)

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    Weekly consistent 1 hour phone calls
    homework assigned every 7 days

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    Input DATA of four variable categories – experience, skills, leadership & board experience, and education. Fenaroli will create 2 examples for new documents.
    This database is Milestone #3 – beta documents

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    Identify & Vet

    Compare brand & executive profile to industry
    Milestone #4

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    Final Documents

    Fenaroli to Finalize New Candidate Resume, Linkedin, SME documents
    Milestones #5

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    Create KnowledgeBank

    Speaking & writing achievements.
    Milestone #6

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    Develop Infographic

    New age resume.
    This is Milestone #7

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    Reference List

    Vet professional Reference List
    This is Milestone #8

Week 4

Project Conclusion

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    Debrief of Learnings, Challenges, Successes