25-City Diversity Tour – Let’s Meet

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Human capital is one of the most valuable assets in an organization. Yet if you aren’t putting yourself in front of the right individuals, you are missing a valuable opportunity to enhance your business success. At the foundational level, this starts with networking.

Networking is key to obtaining unique board seats that take advantage of your specialized industry and functional skills. With my background and expertise in connecting professionals with organizations that can benefit from their talents, we can support one another’s board goals.

Throughout the summer, I’ll be conducting a 25-city diversity tour, meeting individuals like you for coffee and connections. If you’re not in town when I’m visiting, feel free to email or call me to find a time to chat. I look forward to meeting you one-on-one and building a win-win relationship moving forward.

Princeton, NJ                      3rd week of May

Philadelphia, PA               3rd week of May

Raleigh, NC                        4th week of May

Boston, MA                        1st week of June

Chicago, IL                         1st week of June

New York City                   2nd week of June

Dallas, TX                           3rd week of June

San Francisco                    4th week of June

Albuquerque, NM              2nd week of July

New York City                   3rd week of July

Dallas, TX                           3rd week of July

Atlanta, GA                        4th week of July