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At the heart of a growing, thriving organization is talent — both in the workplace and in the board room. As a national talent consultancy specializing in executive leadership and board search diversity, Fenaroli & Associates is committed to helping high-growth companies leverage the power of diversity to achieve critical board and business goals both now and in the future.

We are the national leader of diversity placement across the industries we serve and the nonprofit sector.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are good for business. According to a 2019 Wall Street Journal study, the 20 most diverse companies had an average annual stock return of 10% over five years. The 20 least diverse companies studied had a 4.2% return over the same time period.

Move the needle by letting the experts at Fenaroli & Associates position your board and your business for increased success.


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A commitment to diverse leadership and placement

Fenaroli & Associates is one of three executive search firms wholly owned by its diverse CEO. We pride ourselves on impact-investing in our clients through their C-suite and board talent placements. In all of our searches, we uphold high standards of diversity, equity and inclusion. It benefits the organizations we work with to have diverse leadership, but it’s also becoming expected … even required. California mandated that public companies operating in the state have a minimum of one woman on the board, with diversity targets rising over the coming years. Illinois lawmakers have attempted to implement a similar rule. And IPO funding giant Goldman Sachs announced that it would refuse to take a company public unless it includes at least one board member who is female or nonwhite.

Mission-driven by the benefits of DEI

What we do isn’t about our bottom line — it’s about influencing the future of business. Our mission propels us to go above and beyond what’s expected of a talent consultant.

  • Approximately 25% of our firm’s search practice is devoted to environmental, social & corporate governance and social responsibility-engaged entity talent placement consulting. In this ESG and nonprofit sector, our candidate slates can be 100% minority/majority certified. We are the only U.S. search firm that provides this guarantee of candidate slate at presentation.
  • Our leadership academy, The Executive Ascent, boasts an active scholarship program to reach 50% diversity in each cohort. To date, we have maintained 50% diversity since its inception in 2019.
  • Our firm founded Kansas City’s Pure Pitch Rally, an economic development tool that provides funding to its entrepreneurial CEO pitchers. Due to the event’s commitment to diversity, 50% of the funding awarded throughout the five years of this rally has gone to diverse founders. Pure Pitch Rally was recognized among Fast Company magazine’s 2021 World Changing Ideas.
  • Biannually, our firm proudly hosts Kansas City’s Civic Summit. This gathering of the region’s most respected nonprofit leaders highlights the diversity of thought, experience, innovation and planning happening in organizations essential to the health and well-being of our community.
  • Our firm’s investment company, Fenaroli Minerva Fund, has 80% diversity-invested outcomes. We identify diversity as BIPOC CEOs and startups.

At Fenaroli & Associates, we don’t just pay lip service to diversity, equity and inclusion. We advocate. We create opportunities. We get results.